"Two Soldiers, Two Great War Journeys" Self Drive Battlefield Guide

Two Soldiers, Two Great War Journeys

This fantastic forty two page, A4, coloured booklet is now available!

In 1999 the authors father was given an old, battered, forgotten tin. Little did they know that it was the start of an adventure! Inside the tin was the story, through pictures, personal letters and documents of Private Rupert Freeman of the East Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War. Graeme and his father then spent many years researching and piecing together his journey and outcome, finishing with this amazing booklet.

However, Graeme had been bitten by the research bug, and knowing that his Grandfather had fought in the same war, he wanted to tell his story to. Private Reginald Brookes Butt started his journey in the Isle Of Wight Rifles Regiment and fought at Sulva Bay, Gallipoli, but after a series of incidents he finished his Great War as a stretcher bearer in the Royal Army Medical Corp on the Western Front. 

The booklet is split into three parts. Part one is the story of Private Rupert Freeman and part two is the story of Private Reginald Brookes Butt. Then we have part three. This is a self drive battlefield tour incorporating the two soldiers journeys, but also includes some extra "must see sites" along the way. Each site has a picture, and sat nav coordinates that will take you the front of every stop. Brief written instructions are also included.

This amazing booklet costs just £9.99 and can be yours simply by sending an email of interest to enquiries@baxters-battlefieldtours.com with the subject "Two Soldiers"

Also included in the price is a free picture evidence cd with over 30 unseen personal letters sent from the front and hospital, personal war office documents, pictures of friends and family, personal objects, postcards, personal regimental documents, several "green envelope" letters, cigarette cards, bible and CWGC documents. Free postage is also included.

This booklet has been put together with real heart and feeling and we, Baxters Battlefield Tours would like to personally thank Graeme and his father for asking us to be involved.