Terms And Conditions

Your Contract With BBT -

1) Confirmation - Once a booking is made and deposit received you will be sent confirmation and information of when the final balance is due. Full details of the tour will be sent upon final receipt of balance

 2) Payment - A secured booking is made upon receipt of agreed deposit at time of booking and final balance made no later than 45 days before departure. Failure of receipt of final balance upon agreed date will render your booking as cancelled and cancelation charges will apply as per below. 

 3) Tour Price - Price of tour is agreed upon booking. Inclusive of price unless otherwise stated will be

  •  Extra Services / Facilities Requested By You
  • All Travel From Agreed Pick Up Points
  • Hotel Or Overnight Stays (If Applicable)
  • Museum Or Other Site Entrance Fees
  • Guiding And Tour Management Charges

 4) Alterations By You - If you want to make any changes to details of a booking we will always try to help at as little cost as possible, however depending on time of notification a charge of £15 per person towards administration expenses will be applicable and you will be notified. If alterations are made after final balance is due then we reserve the right to bring our cancellation charges into effect as stated below. All desired alterations must be notified to BBT in writing by email (enquiries@baxters-battlefieldtours.com) or letter by original person booking the tour.

  5) Cancellation By You - If for any reason you are forced to cancel your booking we ask that you notify us immediately verbally and in writing straight after. Cancellation will only take affect upon receipt of written confirmation at our office. Cancellation charges apply as per below - 

  •  Between Booking and 45 days before departure ........  20% of tour price
  •  Between 44 days and  31 days before departure ........  50% of tour price
  •  Between 30 days and 14 days before departure  ......... 70% of tour price
  •  Between 13 days and 7 days before departure    ......... 85% of tour price
  •  Between 6 and 0 days before departure               .........100% of tour price

  6) Travelling Conditions -  

  •  BBT will always use reputable car, coach and channel crossing companies that comply with all EU regulations operating in Europe. You will be subject to terms and conditions applied by individual companies
  • We accept responsibility for ensuring that the services we are contracted to supply are delivered to a satisfactory standard.
  • We will always try to give accurate and precise information verbally for telephone enquiries, however we do not accept liability for wrong information given unless it is confirmed by us in writing
  • Passengers with disabilities; Battlefield touring involves a certain amount of walking and boarding / un boarding of coaches, or cars. Passengers with disabilities must notify BBT in writing upon booking. We must also be notified in writing if you will require any assistance. We deep fully regret that we reserve the right to refuse a booking if an individuals disability or medical condition may, in BBT opinion have an affect on there safety or effect the remainder of the group.  

    7) Safety & Insurance -

  • Upon booking it is down to the travellers to provide themselves with full comprehensive travel insurance and does not travel against medical advise. All policy details must be sent to BBT upon booking.
  • Battlefields are still dangerous places and all guests will be briefed on safety aspects and walking on battlefields before departure. Whilst we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our customers we do not take responsibility for any injury incurred as a result of failing to listen to advise given or an act of stupidity or wilful act of negligence
  • At all times all persons travelling with BBT assume responsibility for there own actions whether following instructions when under direction of there guide, tour manager, individually or un supervised.

   8) Passport & Visa Responsibilities -  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there passport and visa requirements are valid and up to date. BBT take no responsibility for any fines or charges levied by authorities abroad or in the UK for non compliance with there passport and visa regulations.

   9) Alterations To Tours By Us - We will always make changing any part of a tour the last option but we reserve the right to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. You will always be notified should this be the case and will have the option of accepting the changes or taking another tour. You may also cancel but when the offer of accepting the changes or taking another tour are refused then only 60% of monies paid will be refunded. No offer will be made under the following circumstances and alternative arrangement's will be arranged with the customer in the event of all the below or any other unforeseen circumstance  :  War, Terrorist Activity And Its Consequences, Natural Or Nuclear Disaster, Adverse Weather Conditions, Epidemics, Pandemics, Unavoidable Technical Problems With Transport, Riots, Fire or Floods.

   10) Cancelation Of A Tour By Us - We reserve the right to cancel a tour at any time for any circumstance. In this event you as a customer will be refunded in full with the exception of any of the events listed above.

   11) Client Indemnity - BBT expect all clients to behave in an appropriate manner and to have consideration for others at the sites visited and facilities used. In the event of anyone travelling with us causing offence, danger, damage, or distress to other, we reserve the right to terminate that individuals tour arrangements. In that event, BBT will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by them as a result. If the actions of anyone travelling with us causes damage to accommodation in which they are staying, or to the vehicle in which they are travelling, or causes delay or diversion to any means of transportation, that person agrees to fully indemnify us against any claim, including legal costs, made against us by or on behalf of the owners of such accommodation or the operator of such means of transportation or by any third party. In the case of a client death on tour with Baxters Battlefield Tours we will not be liable for repatriation of the deceased or his or her belongings.

  12) Complaints - If any aspect of your tour does not live up to your expectation you must notify the guide or tour manager immediately so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible. If after this you still wish to make a formal complaint this must be received by the BBT office in writing within 10 days of the final date of the tour.

 13) Financial Loss - Any financial loss incurred by the client outside of what is stated to be included by BBTLLP whether this be for travel, hotel stays prior to or after a proposed tour and not booked by BBTLLP or any other cost lost due to tours being cancelled for any reasons including lack of interest or numbers cannot and will not be the responsibility of BBTLLP and only deposits or full amounts paid for the cancelled tour will be paid out.

 14) Contract -  Our binding contract is based upon honesty, correct and clear information. The person to who all correspondence, invoices, and all instructions will be sent must be the first name and contact on the booking form provided by BBT upon booking. The contact accepts all the above terms and conditions. All other names listed on the booking form are required by all travel companies and hoteliers used so these must be accurate.

  15) Brexit - With the current uncertainties surrounding the brexit deal, should the company (BBTLLP) have to cancel any of its tours or adjust any timings or dates, we BBTLLP cannot be held responsible for any financial losses that may follow on from this should the customer have booked travel or accommodation outside of what is stated to be included in BBTLLP  guidelines for each tour.

 These are the Terms and Conditions as governed by the law of England and Wales.