Research Facility

Now available!* 

Not only do we offer bespoke tours using and researching your family history, we can offer you a research facility where if its just information you are after then for a small fee we will do all the research for you. Whether it be a family members military records your after or location of a headstone or memorial, or if you want a history of there route or war story so you can make plans for your own tour then we can help. We can even plan a route after finding all the information you requested so you can set out on your own ready made trip! This will save you in some cases, months, days and hours spent in libraries, the national archives, online, and piling through maps, as we do it all for you!

We can do all this from the smallest piece of information, even if just a name is all you have, to us its a start and we will build from there!

So come on give our research team a challenge and find out about your families war stories!

*Research fee is split in to two payments with first payment at start of  the project and final payment at delivery of final project. All costs are agreed at the start so there will be no nasty surprises with the delivery of the final project.