New Tour - Pompey Walks The Somme

Pompey Walks The Somme  

11th - 13th October 2019 - £350

We are proud to announce, once again in partnership with Alan Laishley, one of Portsmouth's leading WW1 researchers & historian, that we are taking our very popular Pompey Remembers tours and making them even more personal! On this three day tour we will be spending two entire days walking the battlefields of a very special generation of men from Pompey.

Collection points will be at - Cosham Post Office and Fratton B&Q from 09:00 with other pick up points along the M25 & M20 to be arranged for anyone wishing to join the tour outside the Portsmouth area.

We are keeping this tour personal and have limited the numbers to 15 walkers only. Already we have had firm bookings from 12 people so this leaves just 3 spaces left so if you are interested in literally walking in the footsteps of some of Pompeys finest then booking is advised ASAP!

Now one thing that is different on this tour is that although our days will be planned to be set out as below, the days will actually be set according to how far the group walked the previous day. This means that if the walk on day one takes longer due to interest at certain stops more so than others then instead of hurrying off we will actually let people have the time they want at the stops and simply finish at a shorter distance than was planned. However this does not mean that people will miss out on day two as we will then start the following days walk from where day ones walk finished and have allowed ample time on day two so the entire distance that we plan to walk over the two days will be covered. Very simple but allows you more time at the places that interest you more!

Day One - 

After all collections are made we will head down to Dover for a lunchtime ferry crossing, and after a pleasant sail we will begin to head down to our base in Peronne / Roye. On route we will be stopping off at one or two less visited sites to set the mood and prepare us for a fantastic two days ahead. Once at the hotel the evening will be spent taking in some great food and drink in readiness for day two!

Day Two - 

So after a full nights sleep and a good rest its time for boots on the ground!! We will leave the hotel at 08:00 and be taken via coach to Newfoundland memorial park where we will all be dropped off. Alan will then guide us on a walk lasting around three to three and a half hours taking in some of the amazing stories, acts and battles all tied up with the city of Portsmouth. We will literally be walking where these stories and acts happened. Around 12:00 - 12:30 we will then be met at Ancre cemetery by the coach and whisked up to the Ulster Tower for a spot of well earned refreshment

After lunch we will then set off from the Ulster tower for the afternoons walk which again will last between three to three and a half hours. Alan has walked these battlefields many times and he will fill us in on the topography of the land and the acts that happened in the now peaceful and tranquil surrounds as we walk the battlefields of 1916 and visit some of the sites that now honour the men who fell where we will walk. Our goal will be to finish at Ovillers cemetery where the coach will collect us and take us back to the hotel for a well deserved rest and refuel!

Day Three -

Our final day, but a full day of walking lies ahead! Again we will leave the hotel at 08:00 and be taken via coach to our start point, which as mentioned above may differ from this itinerary depending on how far was walked the previous day.

We will be dropped of at Lochnagar crater and as with the previous day a three to three and a half hour walk lies ahead. Again Alan will take the reigns and walk, talk and guide us across the battlefields of the Somme while telling us of the acts and battles that the men of Pompey were involved in, exactly where we will be walking and standing. Lunch will be taken at the Old Blighty tea rooms and that will be the finish point of the morning walk on day three.

After a pleasant lunch a shorter walk will be the order of the day as we unwind ready to head home and will start from the lunch stop taking in again hugely significant stops that have huge connections to Portsmouth. We will also stop at one or two memorials or cemeteries after the walk to finish honouring the men we have literally walked in the footsteps of for the previous 48 hours.

Sites that will be visited over the two days of walking and on the walks will include but not be limited to - Thiepval Memorial, Devonshire Cemetery, Ulster Tower, Popes nose, Lochanagar, Ancre Cemetery, Carnoy Cemetery, Mametz wood, Ovillers Cemetery, Newfoundland Park and many many more.

Total walking distance for the two days will be approximately 35km or 22 miles and can be realistically done by most. The coach will be on call however should anyone find themselves in difficulty or struggling.

Our ferry home will be around 18:00 with arrival in  Portsmouth around 21:00.

This really is going to be a trip to remember and will give you a real feel for the ground that was fought over in a real boots on the ground experience seeing what the men of Portsmouth were up against.

A deposit of £75 will secure your seat on this amazing three day tour with full payment to be received on or by July 31st 2019. We will accept payment by instalment as long as the final amount is made on time.

To be a part of another Baxters Battlefield Tours and Alan Laishley partnership battlefield tour please send all enquiries, questions or to book a place to or call us on 07545242257. This really is one not to miss!

*Tour price includes collection from designated collection point, ferry crossing to and from France, coach travel across the battlefields, full guided walks for two days, breakfast on day two & three, and two nights hotel stay.

**Upon booking you confirm you have read and agree to our terms and conditions as per our website